We seek to engage people at all levels and can provide a wide range of speakers from university lecturers to children's speakers. We are available to take –

  • Bible Studies

  • Coffee Mornings

  • Church Services, both teaching and Evangelistic,

  • Midweek meetings

  • School lecturing – S.U. or otherwise.

  • Youth Fellowships


We are able to speak on a wide range of topics using both theological and scientific reasoning. Below are a few examples, but by no means an exhaustive list, of some talk titles:

  • How Genesis impacts on all Theology

  • Dinosaurs and the Bible

  • The Dangers of Evolution

  • The Age of the Earth

  • Noah's Flood, the Ark and Fossils

  • What is evolution and how is it supposed to work?

  • Adam's Rib (Children's Creation Gospel Talk)


"Come let us reason together, saith the LORD." Isaiah 1:18

To organize a speaker please contact us by clicking here.