Shape-shifing dinosaurs!

Published November 2017.

By Phil Robinson

It is not very often that a creationist would encourage others to view a talk by an evolutionist on dinosaurs. However, inserted below is a TED talk on dinosaurs by Jack Horner, famed dinosaur expert who was consulted in relation the Jurassic World/Park films. He is also mentor to Dr Mary Schweitzer who has published numerous times on finding dinosaur tissue, proteins and even DNA in bones which are claimed to be more than 65 million years old. However, all the laws of chemistry and physics point to the dinosaur bones which contain such matter (and thus the rocks they are found in) not being millions of years old as they should have broken down many millions of years prior to reaching that age. Rather such material points towards a ‘young earth’ and fits in exceptionally well with the age of the earth – 6000 years – as outlined in the Bible.

The talk given by Jack Horner is fascinating, and without knowing it he supports a large number of ideas which are found in the Bible, and have been explained numerous times by creationists.

These include:

  • People have egos and funding issues and like to name new dinosaurs based on the slightest and smallest difference from what has been found before. This leads to an over representation in the numbers of different types of dinosaurs.
  • The way in which dinosaurs grow and develop does not support the large number of dinosaurs currently named in scientific literature. Rather it is a much smaller number, realistically only about 50-55 different kinds of dinosaurs only existed, which dramatically reduces the number of dinosaurs needed to go onto Noah’s Ark.
  • Caution should be exercised when new fossils are found as there can be a great difference in fossils of the same kind of animals due to age/sex/phenotype expression.


Of course Jack Horner is not a creationist which is why in his evolutionary application of the same material facts about the bones and ever reducing number of dinosaur species he is ultimately wrong in his belief about when and how dinosaurs fit in history. But, viewed in light of the correct Biblical worldview the same material evidence on these shape-shifting dinosaurs provides yet further confirmation for Biblical history.