October 2016 – Reaching Children in an Evolutionised World Conference Report

by Rev. Blair McFarland

When creation and evolution are discussed it is often presented as faith versus science, as if creation is accepted in blind faith whereas evolution is scientific fact. The theory of evolution is just that, a theory, like creation. To accept either requires faith

The question is: which gives a better explanation for the world around us? Everywhere we see evidence of intelligent design. So who is the Designer?

Jesus wanted to protect the little children. He spoke strong words about those who would hurt a little child. Parents, teachers and young people attended Bready Reformed Presbyterian Church on Saturday 1st October to hear two men speak about those in our society who would hurt our children through false teaching. They are seeking to extend the influence of harmful, unproven assumptions from the theory of evolution, a theory often regarded as hard fact.

Dr John Watterson told the listeners about what is happening in society. He showed that we are all affected by our basic assumptions. We either believe that God made us in His image, for Himself, or else we believe that we have evolved over millions of years from nothing and are going to nothing. These fundamental world-views colour the evidence we see in the world around, evidence which fits the Christian world-view.

Dr Watterson also spoke of the spread of evolution in primary schools in England and illustrated the evolutionary assumptions in films like Disney’s Dinosaur and the Ice Age series. There is a bias against God’s Word in curricula in the province, with religion considered to be only telling ‘stories’ while science promotes ideas. “We need to show an interest in what our children are reading, watching and hearing. Our children, whom we love, are made for the glory of God. They are not some purposeless cogs in some human machine,” he said.

Mr. Philip Robinson told how to counter these harmful influences. He encouraged those present to have confidence in the Bible, a book which is still standing despite centuries of attack. He stated that the Bible’s authority starts from the very first verse.

“Human beings have been made by God and have sinned against God. We all need a Saviour. That explains so much of what happens in the world today. The dispute between creation and evolution is a conflict between two philosophies.” Philip gave several examples of supposed evolution that involved in a loss of information, thereby contradicting their claims. By constant subtraction you can’t have something new and improved.

He encouraged parents, teachers and church leaders to be confident of the Bible’s history and to place dinosaurs and fossils on a biblical timeline beside the Garden of Eden and Noah’s flood. He critiqued the many inaccurate drawings of Noah’s “bathtub” ark, when we have the exact dimensions in Genesis. In comparison, no-one draws inaccurate pictures of RMS Titanic! “This is a battle for the hearts and minds of our children. Either we allow unbelievers to indoctrinate them or else we encourage them to think God’s thoughts after Him,” he concluded. For anyone seeking further information, please go to www.creation.com.