February 2014 News Item – The Ham/Nye debate

by Phil Robinson

promo-postcard-300x200Following the creation – evolution debate on February 4th between Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis, and Bill Nye, TV’s “the science guy”, the internet has been buzzing with commentaries, deliberations and questions on the nature of the debate and the topics that were raised during the debate.

The subject of creation – evolution is huge involving many areas of study. As this is the case every point that could have been considered or rebuffed during the debate naturally was not made. However, now that the debate has taken place it will give people an opportunity to find out answers for themselves on the topics that were raised, as well as ones that were not, that they would like to know more about. In doing this hopefully the debate has acted as a stepping stone for people to really consider the implications and truth about their origin, acknowledging God as creator and Jesus as Saviour.

Below are links to two articles. The first is from Creation Ministries International which gives a good overview of the topics raised and where answers can be found to each of the individual points. The second, by David Coppedge of Creation Evolution Headlines, is a good overall summary of the nature of the debate and provides more answers to points raised during the debate.



For a further special edition of Genesis Unleashed, produced by Creation Ministries International, which discusses the topics covered in the debate can be found here.

To view the debate please see below: