March 2014 News Item – Evolution Vs God

When it comes to the creation/evolution debate in society there are some great resources that are available to people who want to find out what it is all about. Ray Comforts recent production, Evolution Vs God, is one of those resources. In his own iconic microphone in hand no nonsense style Ray cuts straight to the heart of the debate. He shows the strong connection between atheism and evolution, that evolution is not testable as it has happened in the past and that the students interviewed generally believed in evolution because the ‘experts’ have said that it has happened exposing their faith position for what it is.

The evolutionists faith is wonderfully summed up by evolutionist and atheist Gail E. Kennedy, Associate Professor of Anthropology, UCLA, when she stated at the end of the film,”You know the problem with those who are unable to see evolution I think is that they don’t have imaginations”.

This high quality free resource then ends with a strong Gospel challenge after showing that the evolutionary belief system does not stand up to scrutiny and exists to remove accountability to God. Please consider watching this product, thinking through the points that are raised and sharing it with other people.