Recommended DVDs:

Artistic Ape Anecdotes: The Art of Deception? By Dr Don Batten – Ever wondered just what exactly is on the human evolutionary tree and why? In this powerful DVD Batten looks at the human evolutionary tree as promoted by the Smithsonian and shows how little material they actually have and how big the stories are that are attached to them. After watching this DVD you will be in no doubt that the only family tree that you have comes from the biblical Adam.



Chemicals to Living Cell: Fantasy or Science? By Dr Jonathan Sarfati – Is it really possible that non-living chemicals came together all by themselves in a primordial soup to form the first living cell? In this DVD Sarfati shows how the real laws of chemistry are in direct opposition to such an event ever taking place and that the complexity of the cell is far beyond that of what Darwin ever surmised.




Unformed and Unfilled: A Critique of the Gap Theory by Weston W. Fields – A comprehensive and devastating critique of the Gap Theory. The supposed Gap between Genesis 1:1-2 where many struggling Christians have tried to fit everything from the fossil record to the unbiblical Lucifer’s flood. Fields looks at the historical setting for the Gap Theory and the Hebrew grammatical clauses and word definitions used in the attempt to justify it.




Dinosaurs and the Bible by Dr David Catchpoole – This is an area why a lot of Christians shy away from because and don’t know quite where they fit into the Bible. This DVD explains where Dinosaurs are to be found in the Bible and shows how the concept of dinosaurs living and dying out millions of years ago does not fit with the evidence. If you would like a speaker to come out and give a presentation about dinosaurs and the Bible to your school class/youth group/church please contact us.




Dynamic Life: Changes in Living Things by Dr Carl Weiland – Are natural selction, variation and adaption really evidence of evolution? In this DVD Weiland shows how natural selection, adaption and variation are observable today but have limits that cannot lead to one type of animal changing into another. Rather they are what we would expect to observe happening within a Biblical framework and can be used as powerful evidence to show the evolution hypothesis to be a mere fallacy.




The Age of the Earth by Dr Tas Walker – Many people think the earth is billions of years old. But geologist Dr Tas Walker shows that the evidence actually fits best with the biblical record of history. Dr Walker challenges us: How can we know the age of the earth? He shows why there is only one reliable way to know the age of anything—find out in this illustrated presentation