The committee consists of a group of like-minded creationist who first met in May 2006 with the intention of forming a Creation ministry in Northern Ireland. The committee is responsible for the day to day running of Creation Outreach Ministries.

  Philip Robinson, Chairman





  Philip Robinson holds a Bachelor of Education degree (1st Class Honours) from Stranmillis University College and a Masters of Divinity degree from Union Theological College.

  While studying for his BEd Philip had the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus student exchange programme. This involved Philip living, studying and teaching in Copenhagen for a period of five months. Whilst there Philip used his spare time to explore his Christian faith in a deeper way and to obtain answers to several questions in his thinking. In particular, although Philip was a convinced young earth creationist from reading the Bible, he didn’t really understand the full implications of this nor how to properly defend the biblical account of origins.

  When he returned from Denmark, this issue burned in his heart and he knew that he wanted to get involved in teaching other Christians more about this important issue and to use it as a method of evangelism.  He writes, “I believe that when dealing with youth, or indeed Christians of any age, it is incredibly important to give them a strong biblical worldview and overview so that, unlike myself in my late teens, they will be fully equipped and have the resources to answer their own questions and those put to them by others". Philip has been involved with The Ultimate Questions Creation Trailer ministry since 2005. The following year, he founded Creation Outreach Ministries together with eight other keen Christians. He has experience in giving talks and PowerPoint presentations in Churches, to youth groups and school classes.

  Philip also worked fulltime for CMI-UK ( as a fulltime speaker/writer in 2009, principally as the UK’s “Darwin Film Coordinator”. He now continues as an associate speaker/writer for CMI in a voluntary capacity.


  Stephen Gilkinson, Deputy Chairman

                                          I had the tremendous privilege of being brought up in a Christian home situated in rural Co Tyrone. I became a Christian as a young child and was brought up learning Christian values and principles. I always believed in God as the Creator and sustainer of this world, but never thought much about the subject of origins.  However about 10 years ago, I was given a copy of Creation Magazine from Answers in Genesis in Australia . I was fascinated by what I read in this magazine and quickly realised that the issue of origins and what the Bible said about this subject, especially in the early chapters of Genesis, was vitally important to my understanding of the Gospel message of Salvation, by faith in the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. I bought and read lots of books on creation and associated subjects, such as fossils and the worldwide flood. This helped me to realise that the Bible is true from Genesis 1 and every detail is important.Just as I had not been aware of the many resources available to help answer questions on the origins subject, I also realised that many other Christians were in the same position as I had been. I wanted others to receive the same enlightenment and blessing that I had received through creation resources. In 2000, I feel lead by God to start a Creation Trailer to spread the creation message. This is a mobile creation resource and exhibition unit that is taken to various public events during the summer months to engage the public on the creation subject. People of all beliefs and none have been challenged to consider the Biblical creation perspective and hopefully some have become fully persuaded that God is the Creator and Jesus has become their Saviour. It is through my interest in Biblical Creation that I have come to be involved in Creation Outreach Ministries. Stephen currently works as an Agricultural Research Scientist.
  Ryan Patterson, Secretary
                                         I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour in 2002 at the age of 18. I quickly developed a strong interest in Creation realising that only a literal Genesis provides an adequate account of origins. I hold an associate degree in computing science from the University of Ulster and am particularly interested in information theory and the social impact of Darwinism. I trust God's immutable word over that of fallible man's as neatly summed up by the Apostle Paul: "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. " Colossians 2:8
  Rev. Dr John Watterson
                                         John Watterson has a PhD in Aerodynamics from the University of Cambridge and taught Aerospace Engineering at University level for 13 years. He was a member of the Royal Areonautical Society and served on the Society's Corporate Accreditation Committee. He left academia in 2008 to train for the Christian ministry and is presently the teaching elder in a congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland.

  Keith Walker





  My name is Keith Walker and I am married to my beloved wife Julie, we have four wonderful daughters. I am a children's worker in my local church in Lurgan. I have been employed by the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service since 1996, where I am reminded everyday of the awful impact of sin. I became involved with Creation Evangelism after meeting with Stephen Gilkinson (Deputy Chairman) of the Creation Tralier back in 2001, when looking for creation based gospel tracts. Stephen also saw to it that I was given plenty of opportunities to tell people all over the country directly about God's Creation, our Corruption and The Glorious Cross of Christ. Evolution is an imagination which exalts itself against the knowledge of God, it is therefore incumbent upon us all through God Almighty to pull it and cast it down (2Corthinians 10v4/5).

  Alan Campbell





I came to know God in a personal way on 3rd January 1976 when I was saved at a Youth Weekend. I sought answers in God's word and from friends, to many questions and gradually learnt to accept the truth of the Bible, including the Genesis record. In the early nineties I was introduced to Creation magazine by a friend and found that it provided a vital witnessing tool. In 1999 I joined with Stephen Gilkinson (Deputy Chairman) in his venture Ultimate Questions – The Creation Trailer serving on the committee and in practical ways. I currently work as a self employed Joiner/Cabinet Maker, using my interest in woodwork to create a 90:1 scale model of Noah's Ark which is frequently used in displays and goes out with the Creation Trailer.

   Philip Knowles





  A BT engineer for 35 years, I was a convinced evolutionist prior to my conversion.  Through the Scriptures and creation materials I now see that Christ is both Redeemer and Creator.  In 1993 my wife, Linda and I established a Creation Resource Library in our home in Portadown distributing and loaning free creation materials in an effort to combat the godless and unscientific theory of evolution. Our desire & goal through the work of the Library is summed up in the words of Philippians: 1 v 7 "in the defence and confirmation of the Gospel." I see the formation of COM as a vital Creation ministry in the modern day battle for the hearts and minds of men, women and young people in an ever increasing secular world.

Nathan Anderson