The Genesis Flood: Fact or Fiction? by Tas Walker – This 32 page booklet is an excellent resource for answering many of your questions about the worldwide flood described in Genesis and Noah’s Ark. This booklet would be ideal for a youth group to go through or for Christians to give to their sceptical friends.



15 Reasons to Take Genesis as History by Don Batten and Jonathan Sarfati – Unfortuantley many have tried to fit evolution and millions of years into the opening chapters of Genesis. This booklet shows that Genesis can be taken as nothing other than a historical narrative account of the origins of the world and mankind and why this is important for a cohesive biblical Christian worldview.





Evolution: Fact or Fiction? By John Blanchard – In this detailed and well referenced booklet Blanchard asks if the evolutionist can really show that life on earth began by chance in some kind of chemical ‘soup’ and that we owe our distinct existence to random, unplanned, accidental genetic changes since that time? (The