Creation Outreach Ministries is a non-denominational Christian ministry located in Northern Ireland.  We seek to encourage confidence in the absolute authority of the Scriptures, especially in relation to the Biblical account of creation.  We endeavour to equip Christians on this matter, reach the wider community with the Gospel of Christ’s salvation, contend against the theory of evolution and glorify God the Creator.


Monthly Article January 2015 - Promises and Purposes

Looking back at the fulfilled promises made in Genesis what will you be doing to advance the kingdom in this new year? Read more here.










Monthly Article December 2014:

Giant’s Causeway geology clarified for Earth Science Ireland

Geologist’s open letter on the Interbasaltic Bed













Ulster Museum Petition Updates:
21/08/14 – The Information Commission has ruled against the Ulster Museum who have now released two documents. COM will consider the contents of these documents along with other information received from the Ulster Museum in relation to the original petition and will compile a report in the near future.

06/01/14 – COM did not receive the information requested from the Ulster Museum via FOI and thus have made a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s office.

10/07/13 - COM still have not received the outstanding information requested from the Ulster Museum via FOI and have sought clarification from the Museum in regards to their review procedure. Please pray that this matter is resolved quickly and properly. 

05/03/13 - COM have still not received outstanding information requested from the Ulster Musuem via FOI and are in the process of having the matter reviewed.

01/01/13 – COM are still awaiting outstanding information from the Ulster Museum and are looking forward to posting it’s details shortly.

12/7/12 - A formal reply has been recieved from the Ulster Museum in response to the petition. Creation Outreach Ministries will publish the details of the letter shortly.

5/4/12 – The petition has been formally submitted to the Ulster Musuem with more than 11,000 signatures. Please pray for the Board of Trustees of the Musuem as they consider and reflect upon the Petition. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition.

1/2/12Creation Outreach Ministries has drawn its petition to the Ulster Museum to a close on 31/1/12. COM are now working on the best way and time to present the petition to the museum. Please pray for this upcoming event. More news regarding the petition will be posted shortly.